Pekin marigold festival

2019 Marigold Festival Parade

Sponsored by Busey Bank


Thank you to everyone who came out for the 2019 Pekin Marigold Festival Parade sponsored by Busey Bank! We look forward to seeing you all September 12th, 2020.

Parade Rules and Regulations
 All entries must be pre-registered with the Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce including payment and a detailed description of the entry for the parade announcer.
 The Parade Committee expressly reserves the right to restrict, limit or reject any entry that is considered potentially disruptive, offensive, or in poor taste and not in keeping with the tradition of the Marigold Festival or does not abide by the rules and regulations.
 DO NOT start distributing candy, trinkets, etc. until after your entry has passed the 13th street intersection. These requirements are necessary to ensure safety for all. Entries in violation of this may be removed from the parade.
 Candy or promotional items may be distributed as follows: - No candy or promotional items may be thrown from a float, car, truck or tractor. - Walkers should be no more than 5’ feet from the curb when distributing candy or promo items. - Entries should not stop along the route for candy/promo item throwers to refill their containers.

Vehicle/Tractor/Truck entry rules:
1. Antique vehicles, tractors, or truck clubs should enter each vehicle as a separate entry.
2. Semi-tractors will not be accepted as individual entries.
 ALL persons in ANY costume must stay within an arm’s length of their float and may not approach the crowd. (Clowns, Halloween attire, Princesses, Super Heroes, etc.)
 Entries must keep their unit moving along the parade route & must keep pace with the entry in front of them at all times.
 Line up begins at 8:00 am on Saturday, Sept 7th. All entries should be in their line-up position no later than 9:30 am. Driver must stay with the vehicle at all times!
 All entries must submit a copy of the driver’s license and proof of insurance for the driver with the application. The driver will also be asked for proof of license and their insurance card the morning of the parade.

Area politician entry rules:
1. Pekin Mayor and City Council are entered as one entry.
2. The Illinois Governor, U.S. Senators from Illinois or U.S. Congressman for District #17 & 18 may each enter as a separate unit.
3. All other elected officials and candidates must stay with the float/entry for their party. This includes State Senators, State Representatives, Judges, Regional/County offices and all other local offices. Exceptions may be made.


INDEMNIFICATION: The Organization agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Marigold Festival Committee, the Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce, their individual members, officers or agents from any and all claims arising out of the Organizations participation in the Parade. In the event the Committee must retain legal counsel by reason of default or breach of any terms or conditions of this Agreement by the Organization, the Organization agrees to pay all such attorneys’ fees and any and all associated costs or expenses incurred by the Committee in connection therewith.

MISCELLANEOUS: Should these Rules be interpreted as contradicting any state or local laws or ordinances, it is agreed that such law shall supersede these Rules. Should any provision herein be held unconstitutional or otherwise invalid, it is agreed that all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

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