Late in the 19th Centrury, a group of civic-minded businessmen organized what would one day become the Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce. This initial organization was formed for the purpose of “advancing the business interest and promoting the commercial growth of the City of Pekin.” For over 125 years the Chamber of Commerce has continued to focus on this mission.

This year marks the 24th Annual Business and Community Recognition Luncheon: an opportunity to recognize how Pekin area businesses have positively impacted and contributed to our community.  

Chamber businesses and organizations with significant achievements in the past year will be recognized. Categories of accomplishments include expansion or remodeling, “green” projects or improvements, new business or building, additional employees, major retraining effort, new technology or major equipment investment, other business improvements and community involvement. 


Nomination Categories


Green Project

Recognizes a commitment/ effort at positive environmental impact; individual or business

Community Champion

Recognizes an individual for outstanding community service 

Outstanding Team Member

Recognizes an individual for significant contribution or performance 

Outstanding Mentor

Recognizes an individual for excellence in mentoring any individual, business or community partner


Green Project

Recognizes a commitment/ effort at positive environmental impact; individual or business

New Ownership/ Management

Recognizes excellence in leadership of new owners/managers

New Business/ Building

Recognizes economic development and success under creation of new business or building

Additional Employees

Recognizes economic development through expansion of team members

Major Staff/ Employee Training Effort

Recognizes implementation of professional development or other milestone training for major sector of employees in business

New Tech/ Equipment Investment

Recognizes expansion or improvement of quality or services with investment in technology 

Community Involvement

Recognizes business level commitment of community outreach or contribution

Remodel/ Expansion

Recognizes growth through redevelopment or expansion of business 

Milestone Anniversary

40 years+ in business award

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