R. David Tebben

Community Leadership Academy

The Pekin Chamber of Commerce announces the 26th annual R. David Tebben Community Leadership Academy. 

The academy is held for 10 weeks, beginning on January 16, 2024. The class usually meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. 

Academy Mission

“To identify, inform and educate existing and emerging leaders of the local community, and to motivate them towards leadership responsibilities by exposing them to the realities, opportunities and challenges of the local community.”

Academy Highlights

We are proud to have The Dirksen Congressional Center sponsoring the academy, which not only covers expenses, but allows tuition grants where needed.

About the 2024 Community Leadership Academy

Participation Commitment

In order to meet our objectives, and for benefit of every attendee, full participation is required. Candidates will be exposed to community leaders, local business owners, and organizations from our community. 

Successful candidates should look forward to completing and participating in the following during the 10-week program:

R. David Tebben Community Leadership Academy Committee

Susan JonesPekin Insurance, Class of 2019
Linda Ledger – Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLC, Class of 2012
Kelsey Horst – OSF Healthcare, Class of 2021
Heather Robertson – United Way of Pekin, Class of 2022
Monica Campbell – Jim Maloof Realtor, Class of 2023
Angie Sepich – CEFCU, Class of 2018

This group of volunteers plans the annual R. David Tebben Community Leadership Academy. They meet on an as-needed bases, starting in the early fall. The committee plans each of the 20 classroom sessions and the 10 field trips, as well as the graduation banquet. They also recruit the speakers and programs, and assist with the facilitation of each class. Committee members are all graduates of the R. David Tebben Community Leadership Academy.

Leadership Academy Sponsors

The Dirksen Congressional Center   •   Carle Health – Pekin   •   Pekin Insurance   •   City of Pekin

Busey Bank   •   CEFCU   •   NRG Powerton   •   Pekin Community Bank   •    Alto Ingredients   

East Court Village  •   Excalibur Seasoning  •   Advanced Medical Transport

OSF Healthcare   •   Illinois American Water   •   Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory   •   Liberty Village of Pekin   •   Kriegsman Warehouse   •  The Atlanta National Bank   •   SNH Investment

A heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2024. Thank you for your dedication to the program and our community. Cheers to you!

Steven Amstutz, Pekin Fire Department
Duane Carr, Carle Health
Chad Christensen, Alto Ingredients
David Hasty, Alto Ingredients
Tina Hauk, City of Pekin
Nathan Hays, Unland Insurance
Crystal Hornback, City of Pekin
Courtney Hutchinson, Pekin Police Department
Chase Hutter, Savant Wealth Management
Lisa Martens, Pekin Insurance
Keith McKeever, United Way of Pekin
Sarah Meece, The Atlanta National Bank
Joshua Neville, Carle Health
Dusty Snell, Unland Insurance
Ashley Surratt, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes
Tonya Weatherford, Excalibur Seasoning
Joshua Weber, Pekin Insurance

Past graduates of the



Zack Angel, Pekin Insurance
Elizabeth Ayler, UnityPoint Health-Pekin
Monica Campbell, Jim Maloof Realtor
Mason Carr, Pekin Park District
Jeremy Clark, Pekin Insurance
Tricia Fischer, Kriegsman Warehouse
Ryan Ghidina, Alto Ingredients
Karen Heinemann, CASA of the Tenth Judicial
Hunter Highfill, AJR Brands
Amanda Hovey, UnityPoint Health -Methodist
Shannon Johnson, Commerce Bank
Michelle Little, OSF Medical Group
Terri Poulin, Pekin Insurance
Andrew Richey, Pekin Park District
Dylan Rusinski, Pekin Public Library
Brandon Seyller, Serv Pro of Peoria
Caran Smith, AAIM Employers’ Association
Victoria Smith, Pekin Park District
Andrea Steffens, Pekin Park District
Justin Tassart, Pekin Park District
Nikola Vujicic, AJR Brands
Torree Watson-Jones, CASA of the Tenth Judicial
Christopher Wheeler, Excalibur Seasoning


Greg Ayers, Pekin Country Club
Dwain Barker, AJR Brands
Erika Bickerman, OSH Healthcare
Phillip Craft, Pekin Insurance
Karen Fouts, UnityPoint Health
Shannon Geiman, City of Pekin
Brittney Hogue, Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce
Christopher Hogue, City of Pekin Fire Department 
Robert Jones, Pekin Police Department
Stephanie Jones, UnityPoint Health
Ryan Lacerna, CASA of the Tenth Judicial
Christopher Muehling, Alto Ingredients
Josh Peterson, City of Pekin Fire Department
Seth Ranney, Pekin Police Department
Heather Robertson, Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce
Maxwell Schneider, RE/MAX Traders Unlimited
Nicole Stewart, City of Pekin
Robert Volpert, Excalibur Seasoning
Wendy Wagner, Reditus Laboratories
Sarah Wambold, OSF Healthcare
Shonna Winter, Pekin Insurance
Brian Wonders, Avanti’s Dome, LLC
Nathian Zapata, First Pekin Savings Bank


Molly Brian, Miller Center
Jayson Brienen, City of Pekin
Lisa Bumbalough, UnityPoint Health
Sharon Collins, One Body One Purpose Women’s Ministry
Lisa Friedrich, Morningside of Pekin
Kelsey Horst, OSF Healthcare
Brent Kellum, Pekin Insurance
Hannah Martin, City of Pekin
Jodi Rinaldo, UnityPoint Health
Alina Sanders, Pekin Insurance
Elisabeth Sandoval, Pekin Community High School (Student)


Donna Aaron, Heartland Health Services
David Bess, City of Pekin
Justin Bolt, The HOPE Chest
Kami Colvin, UnityPoint Health
Alisha Dualt, Pekin Park District
Mariscia Fairow, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory
Nick Fitzanki, City of Pekin
Don Hughes, Pekin Insurance
Alina Kramer, Farnsworth Group
Cali Lindenfelser, Pekin First Nazarene Church
Deanna McCafferty, OSF Center for Health
Alyssa Naslaund, UnityPoint Health
Mary Smith, Pekin Insurance
Holly Stoner, UnityPoint Health
Amber Trone, Dan Pfeifer State Farm Agent


Blake Hunter, Steger’s Furniture
Bob Schaich, City of Pekin
Bobbi Mullins, UnityPoint Health
Bryce Barnes, East Court Village, LLC
Crystal Williford, Pekin Insurance
Csilla Barta, Moehle, Swearingen & Lobacz, Ltd
Donna Cordes, Pekin Insurance
Nick Obren, Pekin Park District
Susie Jones, Pekin Insurance
Todd Dugan, City of Pekin
Tonja Ohnemus, YWCA Pekin
Vince Fraboni, Preston- Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory


Michelle Bohm, Inspired Style Company
Brian Eatock, Pekin First Church of the Nazarene
Patrick Elliott, Pekin Insurance
Josie Esker, City of Pekin
Jeff Gillis, Edward Jones-Gary Gillis
Amy Hasty, OSF Center for Health-Pekin
Kristina Joseph, State Representative Mike Unes
Irene Lewis-Wimbley, Pekin First Church of the Nazarene
Danny Lohman, Jimbo’s Jumbo, Inc.
Jordan Matthews, OSF Center for Health-Pekin
Marie Noble, Pekin Insurance
Julie Regan, UnityPoint Health-Pekin
Kim Rohlwing, Busey Bank
Mark Rothert, City of Pekin
Angie Sepich, CEFCU
Jill Sitter, East Court Village, LLC
Abbey Steger, Steger’s Furniture
Noele Tatlock, Farmers Insurance – Tatlock Agency
Chris Valentine, NRG Energy – Powerton Station
Karen Zimmerman, KZBEME Fingerprinting, Inc.


Shannon Atkins, Double D’s Ice Creme
Ryan Casselman, Illinois Corn Processing
Joel Catlin, Grace United Methodist Church of Pekin
Samantha David, UnityPoint Health-Pekin
Kenneth Diana Jr., East Court Village, LLC
Cody Haines, Illinois Corn Processing
Paul Heine, Vonderheide Floor Coverings
Kayla Landuyt, Dan Pfeifer State Farm
Aaron Lohnes, The HOPE Chest
Ryan Lohnes, Kriegsman Warehouses
Nichole Miller, CEFCU
Robb Murphy, Pekin Insurance
Shawn Powers, Pekin Park District
Melanie Riley, Pekin Insurance
Scott Roher, Pekin Country Club
Michael Seeman, NRG Energy – Powerton Station
Katy Shackelford – City of Pekin
Kara Stiles – UnityPoint Health – Pekin
Steve Sympson – Busey Bank


Ed Betzelberger, Tazwood Center for Wellness
Dawn Wilde-Burgess, Pekin Park District
Ben Thomas, Peoria Limousine Company
Ashley Ingles, Dan Pfeifer State Farm
Amelia Schureman, CEFCU
Cord Crisler, Illinois American Water
Shannon Cox, The Mansion on Walnut
Brandon Burling, Burling Excavating
John Plunkett, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory
John Dossey, City of Pekin
Lenora Fisher, Innovative Medical Therapies
Amy Wilson, Farnsworth Group
Heidi Hutchison, PekinInsurance
Michele Greene, Pekin Insurance
David B. Craig, The HOPE Chest
Kate Legge, Tazewell County
Theresa Ruder, Busey Bank
Mike McClain, Illinois Corn Processing
Matt Keech, Illinois Corn Processing
Ryan Morris, Pekin Hospital
Alyssa Pilgrim, Pekin Hospital


Cameron Bettin, Pekin Park District
Brian C. Byrne, OSF IPMR
Mike T. Eeten, City of Pekin
Justin P. Emery
Krissie Finch, South Side Bank
Royce R Fults, Pekin Insurance
Sara J. Hamilton, PT, OSF IPMR
Rich Jordan, River Valley Mechanical Services, Inc.
Teresa Mack, Artistic Community Theatre
Rev. Jim McClarey, First United Methodist Church
Trent Moberly, Grace United Methodist Church of Pekin
Brent A. Oest, Illinois American Water
Caleb E. Ogden, Illinois Corn Processing
Josh T Parker, Pekin First Church of the Nazarene
Tyler J. Shepke, Excalibur Seasoning Company
Adrienne E. Southerland, Pekin Hospital
Janet A. Stevens, First Pekin Savings Bank
Al J. Tharp, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLC
Brian J. Throener, Illinois Corn Processing


Dennis Barron Jr., Illinois American Water
Amber Bernshausen, ICPR Family Practice
Greg Burris, City of Pekin Police Department
Joe Campbell, Herget Bank
Don Chism, Illinois Corn
Pamela  Cochran,  Grace United Methodist Church
Lissa Cox, IPMR
Baylee Gambetti, Coldwell Banker
Mike Hamilton, G & B Mechanical
Brigitte Harper, Pekin Insurance
Jen Horn, Liberty Village / Pekin
Kandace Johnson, Command Center
Mike Johnson, Pekin Hospital
Jake Kinkade, City of Pekin
Doug Leathers, Illinois Corn
Susan McCallister, South Side Bank
Tami Meyer, Pekin Insurance
Dan Pfeifer, Dan Pfeifer State Farm
Travis Regan, Preston Hanley Funeral Home
Travis Shock, The Unland Companies
Sarah Shoff, UnityPoint Health
Bryan Steger, Steger’s Furniture
Cindy Werth, Herget Bank
Julie Young, First Pekin Savings Bank      


Rev. Steve Anderson, First United Methodist Church
Robert Baughman, Pekin Fire Department
Don Baxter, Pekin Police Department
Fred Blanchard, Commerce Bank
Manda Brown, The HOPE Chest
Jamie S Cates, Tazewell County
Holly Crotty, TAPS Animal Shelter
Mike Denton, Illinois Corn Processing
Zak Ehrmantraut, Springleaf Financial Services
Ryan Fairchild, Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Michael J. Freilinger, Tazewell County
Phil Gelato, PNC Bank
Malinda Grafelman, Pet Supplies Plus
Jennifer Gray, Pekin Hospital
Debby Hoehn, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes and Crematory
Joe Howe, Tazewell County
Lora Jacobs, Pekin Hospital
Rochelle Marsden, Pekin Public Library
Shena Meskimen, Leman Property Management
Andrew Peltzer, Illinois Corn Processing
Earl Riley, First Pekin Savings Bank
Dawn Shipman, Jim Maloof Realtor
Jason Ward, Herget Bank


Hope Brock, Pekin First Church of the Nazarene
Darin Girdler, City of Pekin
Roger Goodson, Illinios American Water
Andrea Gschwend, Herget Bank
Steve Haines, Illinois Corn Processing
Carrie Helmig, CEFCU
Don Jolly, City of Pekin
Jason King, Illinois Corn Processing
Linda Ledger, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory
Brigette Lobacz, Moehle, Swearingen & Umholtz
Melanie Long, McDaniels Marketing Communications
John Priester, Pekin Hospital
Erik Reader
Mitchell Richards, YWCA of Pekin
Andy Snell, Excel Foundry and Machine


Tom Belk, Illinois Corn Processing

Bobbi  Brienen Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes

Linda DeFrates, Pekin Hospital

Jill Douglas, SJB Promotions

Lori Draeger, Pekin Hospital

Karen Duckworth, Pekin Hospital

Drew Eilts, Edward Jones

Jamie Evans, City of Pekin

Debbie Gaines, Pekin Hospital

Amy Gehrt, Pekin Daily Times

Paula Gensel, City of Pekin

Chip Hill, South Side Bank and Trust

Chuck Hundt, Illinois Corn Processing

Jim Kaminsky, City of Pekin

Dave Lannert, Pekin Park District

Ali Lohnes, Wolf, Tesar & Company

Marlo Mastalerz, Excalibur Seasoning Company

Katie Muller, CEFCU

Erin Schutte, Holiday Inn Express

Cheryl Sherwood, Pekin First Church of the Nazarene

Lori Utter, IPMR

Rod Wamsley, Henderson Funeral Home

Craig Wells, Herget Bank

Rev. Daryle Wright, Pekin First Church of the Nazarene


Courtney Moessner, Tazewell County Courthouse
Bill Bishop, Pekin Hospital
Rev. Lloyd Brock, Pekin First Church of the Nazarene
Gerald Carter, Pekin Welding
Lyle Chism, County Market / Niemann Foods
Brian Cox, City of Pekin
Ryan Davis, Unland Companies
Dennis Franks, City of Pekin
Chad Gambetti, Pekin Trophy House & Engraved Gifts
Patti Kohaus, Herget Bank
Scott Kriegsman, Elliff, Keyser, Oberle & Dancey, PC
Brent Morgan, Timbercreek Rehab & Health Care
Chris Spanos, Hinshaw & Culbertson
Beth Suddeth, Leman Property Management Co.
Tiffany Tebben, Congressman Aaron Schock
Chris Teurele, Pekin Hospital
Sherry Thompson, Pekin Hospital
Victoria Udry, Udry Jewelers
Mark VanderLinden, Pekin Hospital
David Vaupel, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes, LLC
Leslie Weyhrich, Wolf, Tesar & Company, P.C. 


Mark Blunier, Midwest Generating Powerton Station
Yvonne Burnett, Pekin Hospital
Leslie Cameron, Heartland Bank & Trust Company
Dale Green, Midwest Generating Powerton Station
Michael Guerra, City of Pekin
Steve Hall, Pekin Hospital
Melida Heien, Pekin Daily Times
Becky Hillig, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes
Greg Jaeger, CEFCU
Jeff Kickert, Midwest Generating Powerton Station
Jason Kreiling, Herget Bank
Steve Lambiase, Pekin Hospital
Fred Lawrence, American Fire Service
Candy Liggin, Washington Chamber of Commerce
Leigh Ann Matthews, Pekin Main Street
Denise Merriman, CEFCU
Kurt Nelson, City of Pekin
Greg Nelson, City of Pekin
Jeff Stevenson, National City Bank
Dan Tharp, Pekin Hospital


John Abel, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes

Sharon Adams, Pekin Hospital

Kevin Andrews, Pekin Hospital

Vicki Bass, City of Pekin

Val Bricka, WHOI TV

Greg Corcoran, MGP Ingredients of Illinois

Angie Evans, City of Pekin

John J. Franks III, Pekin-Peoria Yellow Checker Cab

Jerry Hinds, Midwest Generation

Adam Kammeyuer, CEFCU

Jeff Livengood, Herget Bank

Laura Lohnes, Associated Bank

Melody Malcom, CEFCU

Asif Malik, MGP Ingredients of Illinois

Joe Parker, Jim Maloof Realtor

George Parsons, Midwest Generation

Jo Ellen Patterson, Pekin Hospital

Justin Reeise, Farnsworth Group

Dennis Short, Herget Bank


Michelle Weghorst, Illinois Central College


Ryan Alwood, National City Bank
Dan Bajic, Midwest Generation – Powerton
Aindrea Balagna, Wolf Tesar & Co.
Brad Barnard, Salon Renaissance
Cheryl Benson, Monge Property Management
Don Bly, UAW Seniors’ Center
Sue Bosich, Elliff, Keyser, Oberle & Dancey
Jeannie DeWitt, Bridgeway
Crystal Elliott, Pekin Hospital
Kevin Garber, Midwest Generation – Powerton
Lynn Grebner, Herget Bank
Renna Hadsall, Busey Bank
Joe Heredia, Midwest
Generation – Powerton
Alan Nerone, Pekin Hospital
Greg Ranney, City of Pekin
Doug Reinking, CEFC
Ron Sieh, City of Pekin
Stephanie Stoneking, Preston Hanley Funeral Homes
Milissa Welborn, Heartland Bank & Trust


Shadia Alwan, CEFCU
Jason Anderson, CEFCU
Jeanne Brady, Tazwood Mental Health Center
Anne Dierker, Pekin Hospital
Ken Fozdar, Pekin Hospital
Michael Gresham, Herget Bank
Rob Hancock, Pekin Hospital
Debbie Ibbotson, Saturn of Peoria
Steve Knight, First Federal Savings
Sally Kuhn, Commerce Bank
Mark Kay Lockridge, Community Hospices of America
Andrew Lockwood, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Connie Milburn, Bridgeway
Erica Mutchler, Tazewell County Health Department
Denise Novotny, CEFCU
Andrea Peyton, Monge Property Management
Pat Pollock, City of Pekin
Susan Price, MGP Ingredients of Illinois, Inc.
Caterina Richardson, Bridgeway
Don Rollo, Midwest Generation Powerton Station
Laura Schwandner, Midwest Generation Powerton Station
Jo Ann Scott, Gallatin River Communications
Doug Snell, Preston Hanley Funeral Homes
Susan Stuart, Heartland Bank
Ryan Styck, WD Boyce Council – Boy Scouts of America
Mark Walters, Midwest Generation Powerton Station
Carrie Warner, Pekin Hospital


Rick Bentley, CEFCU

Michael Catteau, Midwest

Generation – Powerton Station

Kathy Clausen, Professional Cleaning Services

Ruby Cunefare, Noel-Henderson Funeral Home

Greg Davis, CEFCU

Greg Ford, Pekin Hospital

Dean Goff, Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes

William Gray, Pekin


Jennifer Haas, Heartland Bank

Nicholas Heskett, Commerce Bank

Tamra Huff, Monge Property Management

Marlene Kramer, Cottingham Property


Michael Krohe, Herget National Bank

Chuck Lauss, City of Pekin

Charlie May,  E.W. McDaniels

James Perez, Pekin Hospital

Rita Rittenhouse, Suzi Davis Travel

Chelle Spelbring, Citifinancial Loan Services

Tamara Thorne, Monge Property Management

Brooke Walters, The Center for Prevention of Abuse

Andrew Whitaker, City of Pekin

Bryan Whitton, Midwest Generation – Powerton



Beverly Allen, Pekin Daily Times Jim Bernal, Midwest Generation – Powerton Station Julie Brandt, Jim Maloof Realtor Jennifer Cunningham, CEFCU Dee Driskell, Pekin Hospital Jason Freeman, Associated Bank Bill Gaynor, Midwest Generation – Powerton Station Kayse Doering, Farnsworth Group Charlie Hanley, Preston Hanley Funeral Homes Ron Harlan, Herget National Bank Scott Haynes, Pekin Hospital Don Hughes, United Water Service Scott Lauss, Sentenel Pest Control Drew Leman, Monge Property Management Theresa Marshall, YWCA of Pekin Marc Miller, CEFCU Tara Picken, Pekin Savings Bank Christine Penninger, Heartland Bank & Trust Teresa Sayles, Pekin Travel Company Jeremy Semonis, Semonis Insurance Group Matt Stropes, Individual Member Alissa Williams, Pekin Public Library Vicki Volker, Pekin Hospital Don White, Pekin School District 108 Sherry Whitmore, Pekin School District 108


Pamela Anderson, City of Pekin
Larry Brees, Williams Bio-Energy
Scott Davis, Pekin National Bank
Dennis DuPage, Service, Inc.
Brian Ford, Facet Computers
Mark Gielarowski, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Thomas Hayes, Sunset Hills – Monge Apartments
Kristie James, CEFCU
Karen Lewis, Gallatin River Communications
Cathy Lusch, Herget National Bank
Jackie Montgomery, Pekin Daily Times
Debbie O’Neill, RSM McGladrey & Pullen
Christie Perry, Pekin Hospital
Tom Platt, Midwest Generation – Powerton Station
Paul Scherer, Associated Bank
Sherry Semonis, Pekin Hospital Foundation
Sheila Thurman, Manpower


Erika Benton, CEFCU

Steve Brown, Gallatin River Communications

Debbie Davison, Home Health Care, Inc.

Dennis Davison, Caterpillar

Marilyn Felts, Herget National Bank

Ivey Grasshoff, Clark Engineers

Charity Gordon, Monge Property Management

Nick Hill, CEFCU

Pat Hodge, Pekin Hardwood

Christie Martis, Insight Communications

Brock Nissen, Pekin Visitors Bureau

Scott Parkin, Monge Property Mgmt/Service, Inc.

Steve Runyon, AES-CILCO

Dave Stoner, Midwest Grain

John Sutherland, River City Construction

Bev Thompson, Cottingham Property Management/

Brookmeadows Apartments

Mark Vannaken, Midwest Generation

Amy Whiting, Petrov, Watkins, Semonis

Dave Wilbur, Midwest Grain


Janine Aimone, Pekin Hospital
Doug Anderson, Professional Therapy Services
Dean Bacon, Pekin Public School District 108
Margaret Berry, Coca-Cola
Jeff Brooks, Pekin Public Library
Rod Christian, Midwest Generation
Diane Coggins, Monge Property Management
Roy Davis, Midwest Grain Products, Inc.
Becky Goldman, Aramark
Roberta Grewey, CEFCU
Richard Hancock, Midwest Generation
Jerry Kerley, Nieman Foods / County Market
Vietfen Kuo, University of Illinois Extension
Deb Mason, Sun Valley Homes
Jim Onyun, Herget National Bank
Katrina Paddick, Tazewell County Area Education for Employment
Rhonda Parker, Pekin Hospital
Jeff Rathmel, Williams Bio-Energy
Marleen Schmidt, CEFCU
Gary Sciortino, First State Bank of Pekin
Bill Shipley, Commerce Bank
Nichole Stout, Manpower
Ann Trumpy, Monge Property Management
Tom Veerman, Clark Engineers, Inc.Joe Werth, Midwest Grain Products, Inc.


Kim Albers, Illinois-American Water Co.
Pat Alesandrini, Alesandrini & Associates
Karen Blome, Monge Property Management
Russ Braidlow, Schnucks Markets, Inc.
Maureen Broy, Gallatin River Communications
Laura Cramer, Jost/Becker/Jost
Chris Davis, Pekin Daily Times
Nick Filarski, Broadway Liquors
Sherry Frost, Alltel
Todd Hall, CEFCU
Mark Hoffmire, CEFCU
Dick Larson, Midwest
Gary Lowe, City of Pekin Police Department
Jeff Masters, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Owen Miller, Nieman Foods / County Market
Steve Nash, Pekin Daily Times
Mark Rewerts, Herget national Bank
Kay Sutton, Illinois Central College


Brenda Anderson, CEFCU

Jack Bolen, Illinois Department of Employment

Robert Culp, Clark Engineers

Denise DuPage, Alexander Accounting

Todd Goebel, Gallatin River Communication

Cindy Gress, Midstate Heating and Cooling

Roxanne Heiser, Williams Company

Michele Holder, Pekin Daily Times

Dave Homerin, The Cromwell Group

Mary Ann Ladendorf, Prudential Cullinan

Dave Leman, Monge Property Management

Michael Mahoney, Monge, Crouch Mahoney

Hope McAllister, Herget National Bank

Kim McCullough, Pekin Hospital

Georgianne Miller

Tim Newkirk, Midwest Grain Products

Captain Jerry O’Neil, Salvation Army

Jim Schramm, Pekin Daily Times

Dr. Jim Smalley, Heart Care Midwest

Dianne Steiner, Alltel

Amy Tesar, Manpower

Laura Ziegle, CEFCU