Legislative Advocacy

The Mission of the Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce is to foster and promote a vibrant business environment for the benefit of our members. We recognize that the legislative and regulatory actions of government at all levels – local, county, state and national – have a significant impact on the business environment in the Pekin area. Thus, one of the goals of our strategic plan is Business Advocacy – to be the voice of the Pekin business community..

We're All In for Economic Recovery

The Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce has joined over fifty Chambers across the state in urging the Illinois Legislature to provide additional economic and regulatory relief for businesses. The coalition has identified a platform that would create a foundation for economic recovery. This includes ways to help diminish the financial hardships businesses face amid our labor shortage, spur economic development, and recover from the devastation impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If enacted, the following items will help bolster a business bottom line and allow for continued growth and investment in Illinois.

  • Utilize American Rescue Plan Act funding to help replenish the unemployment trust fund alleviate the impending financial drain from the state’s businesses.
  • Provide legal protections to employers who follow the CDC established safety guidelines from claims that COVID-19 was contracted at the place of business.
  • Restructure the Minimum Wage Credit’s incremental phase-out to allow small businesses to capture the original intent of the credit.
  • Extend the EDGE credit sunset clause out for another ten years and utilize the tax credit as an incentive to attract new businesses to the state and allow for the growth and development of existing companies.

 In addition to the items above, Chambers All In for Economic Recovery calls for collaborative solutions to the state’s ongoing workforce challenges. The coalition recognizes the importance of having a ready, willing and skilled workforce for the future of our state’s economy. We call on the state to develop innovative programs, support pilot programs, invest in K-12 career awareness programming and assist in scaling successful workforce programs for other communities and industries. We urge Illinois legislators to create an environment and funding models that allow the private sector to drive the training demand for employers.

 Chambers All In for Economic Recovery will monitor legislative activities for items that specifically support economic recovery or may hinder ongoing recovery efforts. The coalition may act in such cases to bolster support or join in opposition.

If you need information about voter registration, absentee ballots, early voting, polling locations, etc., call the Tazewell County Voter Registration department at 477-2267.

The Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce believes it is important that Chamber members exercise their right to vote.  The chamber also believes it is important that chamber members be informed voters, particularly when it comes to issues that can affect the vibrancy of the local business environment. 

Legislative Maps

After the 2010 census the legislative districts (state and federal) were re-drawn. Below, the most up-to-date state districting maps can be found. The link also containts contact information for both the Illinois House and Senate can be found.